Our background

Learners come from very disadvantaged family backround. They live in Alexandra's one room set-up where the
whole family share a room for living, studying and sleeping.
The school is governed by 11 SGB members comprising of Parents, educators and no-teaching staff. This is the
team that makes sure that all is well in the school in terms of security and health. The SGB ensures that the
building is in good order and safe for learners to learn in.
The school caters for all types of learners including those that have minor learning challenges. The school
identifies these learners and they go through psychological assessment. Those that are severely challenged,
are referred to special schools around. Those that have mild learning problems, are taken through intervention
programs to make them catch up at their own pace.

The school is a no-fee school. It depends on allocation from the government to pay services, purchase books and
learning material and also make sure the building is well maintained. Because allocation from the government
is prescriptive and is never enough to cater for all the needs of the school, the SGB has an obligation to raise
funds meet all the other needs. They have to liase with business and other organisations so as to seek assistance in projects .

Besides learning and teaching, learners are developed in extra- curricular activities like sports, music, crafts,
gardening and in any activity that is developmental to the learners.
Sporting Activities include:

  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Address

    Physical Address :
    330 Phase 2

    Postal Address :
    P.O. Box 122


    Contact Us

    During School school hours and school days

    Telephone: (011) 443 5108
    FAX: (011) 882 0473